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Over the last few years,the average rate of workers wanting more hours has fallen throughout Europe, the U.S. and the U.K., according to OECD data compiled by AlphaBeta. But Australia's underemployment has sharpened, as commodity prices peaked and mining investment started winding down. ``You can't escape the fact that recessions do have some positives: the crudest way to put it is it cleans the crap out of the system,'' said Justin Fabo, a senior economist at AlphaBeta in Sydney. ``It resets your cost base, it improves efficiency, productivity and on an even more fundamental basis, it gives people perspective.'' Australia deployed fiscal and policy stimulus Chiropractor home loan What's Necessary For Down-to-earth Investment Property Loan Deposit Canberra Products to avoid economic contraction after the collapse of LehmanBrothers Inc.; and China's massive stimulus program then sent commodity prices soaring, underpinning the economy's roaring back Down Under. The upshot: all that good work only delayed the effects of the recession rather than completely avoiding them. Problems in Australia's labor market have become starkover the past year as full-time jobs fell, part-time roles picked up some of the slack and many people quit hunting for work. As a result, unemployment remains below 6 percent despite a labor market that in reality has a lot more slackthan that figure suggests. ``Everyone thinks that we've done really well since the global financial crisis, which we kind of have, but a lot of the fallout from the GFC has just been kind of delayed or slowed in Australia, whereas in other places it hit pretty hard, they hit rock-bottom, then they've recovered from that,'' Fabo said. The issue then is whether Australia might've done better taking its medicine earlier and getting it out the way. Australia'slast recession was in 1991 -- as a result, the youngest adults in the workforce when it happened would be approaching their mid-forties this year. The lack of an economic reset has left the country withexceptionally high household debt -- almost 189 percent of income -- and stratospheric property prices on its east coast.

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